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Personalized coaching.

Our experienced coaches will work with you to develop personalized strategies that align with your goals and help you achieve success

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Accountability and motivation.

Stay accountable and motivated with our coaching program. We will help you stay on track and build momentum towards your desired results

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Business growth.

With our guidance, you can grow and develop your business, unlock new opportunities, and take it to the next level.


Focused Accountability Coaching is a monthly strategic 1-on-1 accountability coaching program designed to help you reach your goals and be more disciplined with your time. The program consists of a monthly goal setting coaching sessions with weekly follow up twice per week to check in on the progress whilst providing any coaching or resources needed to accomplish your goals.

With our help you will create a plan to reach your goals, organize your weeks and become more productive with your time. So you can spend more time with your family, friends, doing the things you enjoy. The program was created for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to improve their productivity.

Join Focused Accountability today and get access to Monthly Strategic Coaching, Weekly Follow-ups, Resources & Support.


All Private Accountability Coaching Clients get UNLIMITED access to TuEllas Hotline to ask any questions, get feedback, have items reviewed, request audits, etc from TuElla directly.


Each month we'll meet and set your goal for the month and discuss your action plan to achieve that goal. We will discuss actionable steps needed to achieve that goal as well as any resources I can provide to assist you in achieving you goal for the month.


Every Sunday you will submit your goals for the week utilizing the Focused Accountability signature method. Your coach will review your submission and check in with you based on your selected status.


You coach will check in with you twice per week to get status on your goals, to see if you need assistance testing new material, if you need to talk through anything, or if you need any resources to accomplish you goal.

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Why do we do this??


This program is designed to hold you accountable to do the things you said you would do so that you can reach your fullest potential, realize your goals and succeed in life and business.

Monthly Strategic Accountability Coaching

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Get practical solutions and insights

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Stay accountable with regular check-ins

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Receive personalized coaching

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A Little Help Can

Make A Big Change

Are you ready to reach your goals? Sign up for Focused Accountability Coaching today and get access to customized monthly goal setting sessions and weekly follow-up check-ins. Get the support and resources you need to stay motivated and make progress.

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